THE SULTAN’S WOMEN, 2012,2 x 60, VisionTV Canada, ZDF Germany, RAI Italy.

Co-writer, Director, Executive Producer.Portrays the women of the Ottoman harem, resonating with themes of sexual power and liberation in the turbulent collapse of the world’s greatest Islamic empire.


SECRET FILES OF THE INQUISITION, 2007, 4 x 60. PBS, VisionTV Canada, France5, UKTV. Writer, Director, Executive Producer. Based on previously unreleased secret documents from European archives, this mini-series tells a story of epic proportions and powerful themes, of Holy Wars and Crusades, of torture and terror in the Catholic Church’s 500 year struggle to remain the world’s only true Christian religion.


The Perilous Fight: America’s World War II – in Color, 2003, 4 x 60, PBS. Executive Producer. Narrated by Martin Sheen. Entirely composed of original color film from the period.


CRIME & PUNISHMENT IN AMERICA, 1998, 3 x 60, PBS. Producer, Director. Adapted from the Pulitzer Prize winning book by Lawrence Friedman.


HOLLYWOOD BABYLON, 1992, 26 x 30, Syndication. Producer, Director (13 episodes), Writer (3 episodes). Dramatizations of Hollywood scandals, inspired by the book Hollywood Babylon, with Tony Curtis.




Perfect Illusions: Eating Disorders and the Family, 2003, PBS. Executive-in-Charge of Production. Narrated by Lauren Hutton.


STRANDED YANKS, 2002, PBS. Executive Producer. Picked by the New York Times as the first choice among all 911 anniversary programming.


Faith & Fear: Children of Krishna, 2002, 1 x 90, PBS. Executive Producer.


The Rohna Disaster, 2002, History Channel. Executive-in-Charge of Production.


THE COMPASSIONATE EYE: HORACE BRISTOL, PHOTOJOURNALIST, 2000. Producer, Director, Writer. Narrated by Graham Nash.


THE PLOT TO KILL LINCOLN, 1999, TLC. Supervising Producer. Investigation and dramatization of the conspiracy theories surrounding the assassination of Abraham Lincoln.


STOLEN IDENTITIES, 1999, Investigative Reports (A&E). Writer, Producer.

Harrowing stories of the electronic crime of identity theft.


PUNISHING PEDOPHILES, 1998, Investigative Reports (A&E). Writer, Producer. Explores the controversial movement sweeping the country to castrate pedophiles and other sex offenders.


CYBERSEX COP, 1998, Investigative Reports (A&E). Writer, Producer. Expose of pedophiles on the Internet.


THE SEARCH FOR SHANGRI-LA, 1997, Ancient Mysteries (A&E). Writer, Producer.


THE DIARY OF AARON BACON, 1996. Dateline (NBC). Writer, Producer. The story of a boy’s death in a Utah wilderness program; reported by Stone Phillips.


MINIDRAGONS: KOREA, 1990, PBS, NHK Japan, FilmAustralia. Producer. The human stories behind the economic miracle.


FUTURE WAVE: JAPAN DESIGN, 1990. Executive Producer, Director, Writer. How Japanese traditional culture is expressed through contem­porary product and fashion design.


VALLEY OF LOST SOULS, 1987, KQED. Producer, Director. Cinema verite portrait of life inside a state hospital ward for the criminally insane.


GIVE ME THAT BIG TIME RELIGION, 1984, Frontline (PBS). Senior Producer, Writer. Profile of TV evangelist Jimmy Swaggart.


AIR CRASH, 1984, Frontline (PBS). Writer, Director, Producer, Narrator. Investigation into the legal aftermath of one of America’s worst air disasters.


A CHINESE AFFAIR, 1983, Frontline (PBS). Writer, Director, Producer, Narrator. Explores the separation of Chinese on Taiwan from mainland China.


CREATION SCIENCE: ON TRIAL, 1982, PBS. Executive Producer. Special on the Little Rock trial over teaching evolution in schools, PBS, 1982.


SHANGHAI SHADOWS, 1980, KRON-TV. Writer, Director, Producer. First American film made in China in 30 years, examines life after Mao.


POLITICS OF POISON, 1979, KRON-TV. Writer, Director, Producer. Investigation into the use of herbicides that cause cancer and birth defects.