Sultan’s Women

Secrets of the harem are revealed. A democratic sultan and his harem are kept prisoners of the palace. The lives of an Ottoman princess and a revolutionary writer intertwine as they both search for love and freedom. Resonating with themes of sexual power and liberation in the turbulent collapse of the world’s greatest Islamic empire.

THE SULTAN’S WOMEN was filmed on location in Istanbul.

The production team set out to recreate life in the last decades of the Ottoman Empire. This required finding authentic locations for harem interiors, and exterior angles that framed out the present city – a serious challenge in 21st century Istanbul.

The production emphasizes authenticity in every detail – locations, costumes and jewelry, period props including documents that had to be duplicated in old Ottoman script. Accuracy in lighting was important because the city did not get electricity until 1909. Scenes were shot on their actual locations, including the Blue Mosque, the Yildiz Palace, the Ciragan Palace, and the Cemberlitas Hamam.

sultans-women-onlocationNoted Turkish costume designer Yavuz Selim Kaçmaz created wardrobe faithful to the fashions of the Ottomans – from chaste burkas to stylish dresses worn by the imperial women, stambuline coats and military uniforms for the men.

A core Canadian crew worked together with a dedicated and passionate Turkish team to bring the story of The Sultan’s Women to the screen.